Ready to make an impact?

By joining our team, you gain the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and acquire invaluable skills. We have a wide range of positions available that are the perfect fit for your skills, experiences, and needs.

All applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis and job openings vary based on demand. The application process entails a written application, interview, and onboarding process.

VP of Human Resources

VP of Marketing

Graphic Designer


Social Media Coordinator

Spread awareness.

"I was inspired to help spread awareness about childhood cancer to eductae others and to help as well! I wanted to do more for my community and joining EHC allowed me to pursue my interests in healthcare."

- Erica Sharma

Join a community.

"I love working on the EHC team as it provides me with the opportunity to work with like minded and hardworking individuals. Everyone on the team is dedicated and sociable and we have lots of fun!"

- Abenaya Murugathas

Make a difference.

"EHC has helped many youth speak up for what they believe in. Taking part in the many projects and events that EHC hosts can help build an amazing work ethic and leadership skills that I have come to rely on!"

- Anjali Pathmanathan

Learn from others.

"Youth are able to collaborate in a professional team setting, where we can further develop our time-management and organizational skills. I've learned a lot from other members and for that I am grateful."

- Cassidy Laub