The Order-In Charity Concert

The Order-In Chairty Concert


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At the Order-In Concert, we delivered the concert experience right to your door! In collaboration with the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, we raised over $330 to support families affected by childhodo cancers.

We had a lineup of 9 performers, featuring talented singers, songwriters, and spoken word artists. There uplifting performances centered around themes of reilience, hope, and community.

A huge thank you to our performers: Ian McConnell, Paige Warner, Justine Tyrell, Ley Vara, Anto Chan, Harpsona, Holly Clausius, Devon Gabriella, and AVG.

A special thanks to:

Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario
Passion 2 Purpose
Maker Pizza
Panago Pizza
Village Juicery
Cupcake Junkie
Courage Cookies
Kernels Popcorn
Basil Box



donated to Childhood Cancer Canada


artists, writers, & organizers

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stories of cancer survivors shared


A special thanks to:

Childhood Cancer Canada
KKP Printing

Our team had the privilege of interviewing 14 cancer survivors, patients, and carers. Through collaborating with artists and writers across 5 countries, we translated their experiences into our book Resilience: Stories of Cancer Survivorship. Resilience is a colourful collection of paintings, digital art, short stories, and poems about the strength and experiences of individuals diagnosed with cancer.

By creating a collection of art and writing pieces, we hope that everyone can connect to the book and recognize the story of hope, strength, and family behind a cancer diagnosis. Our book will continue to build a supportive community for cancer patients and spark dialogue that destigmatizes those affected by cancer.

The stories recounted in this book capture a small part of our interviewees' lives. We encourage our readers to follow our interviewees' social media accounts and support their awareness and fundraising initiatives.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this book possible! All profits collected from this book were donated to Childhood Cancer Canada.


Alisa M.

Amuz S.

Andrea A.

Cdn Rb Society

Dr. Daksha T.

Genevieve S.

Grace C.

Jake O.

Jamil A./Charge Cancer


Liz P.

Matthew O.

Stephanie T.

Vanessa D.M.


Ai J.

Alicia W.

Ankitha U.

Hamza A.

Jin Y.

Kasiet T.

Keerthana P.

Mahathi Y.

Malvika K.

Morgan W.

Parul H.

Peihua F.

Sasha V.

Zekiel F.


Alina L.

Alina L.

Amy L.

Amanda M.

Caroline C.

Farwa B.

Hazel C.

Jasmine X.

Jenny H.

Komal L.

Lucy F.K.

Nina L.

Phoenix C.

Rebecca M.

Yuxi Q.

Community Mural Project @ Aaniin Community Centre


students involved





The EHC team collaborated with local elementary schools in Markham and community members to create a mural, which symbolizes hope and support for the cancer community. Each school was donated art supplies to create one piece of the mural. Our team collected signatures from over 250 members of the community and raised over $200 dollars in donation.

At the start of the pandemic, we had postpone the creation of our in-person mural. However, we created an online mural on our Instagram page where we collected online signatures and hosted a raffle. Through our Online Mural Project, we were able to receive support from across the globe and give our supporters a sneak peek of the mural!

Our mural represent's Markham's support for cancer patients, survivors, and carers. We hope that our mural serves as a reminder of the importance of working together as a community to support one another. Thank you so much to our amazing community for making this project possible!

A special thanks to:

City Of Markham
Art Land
Smash Bar and Kitchen
Next Door Restaurant

Careers in Oncology Panel




guest speakers

Our team had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Paul Nathan, MD, MSc, FRCPC, and Stephanie Pinto, RN. At the Careers in Oncology panel, our panelists shared their journey to becoming oncologists and gave their insights into the medical community. More specifically, the panelists answered questions on why and how they specialized in this field, their day-to-day responsibilities, and barriers and work challenges they faced, especially during the pandemic. The audience were able to ask questions and gain further insight into the experiences of these medical professionals in oncology.

About The Panellists:

Dr. Paul Nathan is the Director of the Aftercare clinic in the Division of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology and a Senior Associate Scientist in the Research Institute at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Nazanin Fallah-Rad is a medical oncologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital and a clinical teacher at the University of Toronto.

Careers in Oncology Panel

Global Health Panel




guest speakers

Dr. Helen Dimaras, PhD, is the Director of Global Eye Health Research Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences and SickKids. She completed a PhD in Molecular and Medical Genetics in 2007 at the University of Toronto. Some of her major initiatives include the mapping of retinoblastoma resources worldwide (, development of a patient engagement strategy for retinoblastoma research, and design of comprehensive cancer genetics services to meet the needs of low-resource settings.

Dr. Guillermo Luis Chantada Font, PhD and MD, specialized in Hematology and Oncology in 2001. He has been a member of the International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma since 1998. Dr. Chantada has worked very closely with retinoblastoma and childhood cancer patients. In May 2021, he became the President of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP).

Both researchers have a played a vital role in global health initiatives that increase awareness about childhood eye cancers and improve treatment outcomes in low to middle-income countries.

Careers In Medicine Panel




guest speakers

Ana Janic is a first-year medical student at the University of Toronto. She completed her MSc under Dr. Helen Dimaras at SickKids to develop a retinoblastoma specific patient-reported outcome measure.

Mariah Keeling is passionate about the sciences, in particular innovation in the medical field. She’s a first year at Queens, and loves to hike, bake, and Netflix binge.

Shubh Borad is a third-year health science student at Western University. He will be talking about career and education options after university.

Artists Of Instagram


artists from around the world



Artist of Instagram was a large-scale collaboration with 9 Instagram artists with the goal of raising awareness about childhood eye cancer. We thank all of the artists who created beautiful pieces of art for us to feature! Their pieces focused on themes such as community, support, and education and awareness about certain healthcare topics.

Eye Heart Canada




donation boxes sold

A special thanks to:

Creative Bag
Bur Oak Secondary School

Eye Heart Canada was Eye Hope Canada’s first fundraising initiative. Our team handmade over 200 "thank-you" boxes for our generous donors. We then went door to door handing them out in exchange for donations! Over $500 was collected in donations for the Canadian Retinoblastoma Society. The proceeds will help support Canadian families affected by retinoblastoma.

Thank you to our wonderful team for making our fundraising pins and donor “Thank You” boxes! And a huge thank you to the Bur Oak Secondary School art department for donating the supplies to make our pins!